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1947 CJ-2A Powell, Wy **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was $1325. **SOLD**

This runs, but needs a little help starting.  I think it looks like a great price.  I loved the seller’s explanation regarding the procedure to start it.

“For sale 1947 Willys CJ-2A Jeep. Bought the Jeep with big plans for an off-roader but time and other projects won over. I’d rather sell it to someone that has the time than park it in the weeds. Great for somebody looking for a simple no-frills Jeep.”

It runs and drives but needs a little TLC.

Under the hood: P.O. replaced the motor with a 2.0L SOHC Ford motor out of a ’74 Mercury Capri with bellhousing adapter. Original Motorcraft carb. for this motor. New aftermarket air cleaner installed to replace the monsterous Ford air cleaner assembly in small Jeep. Motor runs great once started but the Jeep had been parked for years so I think the carb needs rebuilt because the only way I could get it to run was by ditching the hot-water choke assembly and running a manual choke with choke plate fully closed all the time. This of course causes the carb to load up a bit so it will continue to run for 3-5 seconds after the key is shut off until it uses up the fuel in the carb. Due to motor length a manually-switched electric fan was installed on the stock Jeep radiator. P.O. put a Delco alternator on it but wired it for single wire (race car style), if I were to keep the Jeep I’d rewire correctly (3-4 wire) so the internal voltage regulator can properly sense charging needs. New starter, new cables, new battery with disconnect switch. One note on the carb is that the Ford carb uses a “puller” style throttle pedal/cable while the Jeep originally used pushrods. I scavenged a puller pedal & cable out of a Hyundai and mounted under the dash because it had no pedal when I got it. It is there but could use some finesse to make it more comfortable for driver.

Rest of drivetrain: completely stock with Willys 3 speed stick tranny, 2-lever transfer case. Only issue I noted with drivetrain is that the front drive shaft slip joint has some play in it and could use some work. Everything including 4 wheel drive works.

Brakes: New brake master cylinder, works good. Only service brake issue is that the line to the drivers’ side rear wheel was cut off and crimped at some point in the last 64 years so it only has 3 wheel braking. Stops fine. Parking brake lever is on the dash but not connected, these Jeeps used a transfer case brake…don’t know what besides cable is needed to fix it.

Steering: Stock…like every other Willys it requires some “herding”

Electrical: 95% of electrical is new. All lights work but not stock. LED tail lights on rear, standard “truck” marker lights put in front grille housing. Have the original front & rear light housings, some lenses if you want. New fuel tank sending unit and 12v gauge from Kaiser Willys. Oil pressure gage works. Speedometer works (but bounces a little). Water temp gauge does not register but if you test the gauge and sending unit you get good voltage/reading and wires ohm good (not sure why it doesn’t work). Have new standard voltmeter to install (might get it in if I have time). Installed small fuse box under dash for some protection as there was nothing when I got it. No turn signals, use your hands just like when it rolled of the assembly line.

Suspension: Stock (ish) Needs some help. This Jeep is a “rarer” Willys nicknamed a “leftie” because due to a short-lived law in some states the spare tire was mounted on the driver’s side instead of the passenger side like most CJ-2As you see. Hanging the tire off the driver’s side, combined with driver weight produces a significant “Willys-Lean” after 64 years as the suspension sags on the drivers side. Front drivers leaf spring had been changed to a heavier duty at some point long ago to correct but it still leans. I think swapping springs left to right would help but haven’t got there. Someone lengthed the spring shackles to give the Jeep a little more lift for engine clearance. Suspension doesn’t look pretty but still works.

Exhaust: Needed from manifold back…only has small straight pipe (loud)

Seats: original with some padding and cheap seat covers added. No rear seat.

Windshield is good with no cracks.

Body isn’t great. Does have some rust and body filler and amateur bodywork throughout. Needs paint. Is missing the horizontal “steps” that attach to the rear of the front fenders. Someone cut the firewall to make room for the Ford engine…since the Jeep has no top it is nothing to worry about but I would fabricate patch panels to keep heat/fumes out if I were to put a top on it.

Tires are old, little tread…basically covers for the inner-tubes but I’ve run it around with no problems.

Comes with home built tow bar for 2″ ball…not pretty but works good

Clear Wyoming title.

Odomoter reads 64883, but who knows if it is original

Asking $1325.00. Call 307-two-five-four-1716

If you are interested, call to see it, bring cash or be prepared to wait until the check clears the bank and bring a 2″ ball so you can tow it home.

Will not ship vehicle, no electronic funds transfers, no scams.


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