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Mail Jeep JeepRod

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I spotted this on the internet.  I don’t know whose it is or where it is located.


10 Comments on “Mail Jeep JeepRod

  1. Dave

    I’m a purist and believe old Jeeps/Willys should be kept as stock as possible but this is absolutely fantastic!

  2. pbbelly

    Awesome. My father-in-law is a retired mail carrier. Back in the early eighties (when I was newly married), during the Pro-Street craze, I wanted to tub out a Postal Jeep and run steam roller tires on it. (and, of course, label it “Special Delivery” or some other nonsense) In retrospect it was crazy, but at the time I was enthused about it. This thing certainly revives the urge…

  3. HOG

    I’m a purist too,,, It has to look like it was driven right the line,, BUTT it has a JEEP running gear,, My 59 CJ3B will look like its stock till you rasise the hood & see the AMC 360 smiling at you…

  4. Doug

    This jeep was built by a guy named Lyle Ledbetter out of Peoria, IL. When I was in high school I bought a DJ and had started working on it as my first build. One afternoon I was driving in Peoria and saw an open garage with a postal jeep’s ass hanging out… I had to stop as I thought I was the only one around that had one….Long story short he told me he was building a ratrod out of it and he gave me the old rear-end and many other parts! small world.

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