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2 CJ-5s Knox, NY $600


I think this probably scrap .. but you never know

“2-Early 60’s Willys Jeeps $600. Both are currently not running. Bodies almost completely gone, see pictures below.

One was last running two years ago, it was used to level off a yard area. When the brake lines broke, it was parked, it still turns over but does not start. It has a plow with hydraulic lift only, it worked when it was put away. No battery.

The second Jeep was gotten for parts years ago, at the time I was told the head gasket was bad, I never checked.
I believe the drive train on both is complete.

No paper work, neither have been registered for over 20 years.

I’m selling them for $600 firm, because I will get just over that for scrap. If no sale is made they are going to the port.”


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