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1942 GPW Redmond, Wa $3500


UPDATE:  This is now listed here under Bothell

(07/24/2011) The seller says the value is $3500 in one spot but then lists the price at $4000 in another location.

“I have a running and driveable 1942 GPW Jeep for sale. Its no 90838 of the 260,000 +/- made by ford during world war II.

I have repainted to olive green and have added stars and the numbering on the hood. The things that make take it away from being orginal is it has chrome wheels a 2 inch lift, gas tank move to the back (rather than under the seat) it also has a chevy 283 in it (all the rest from what I can tell is stock or orginal. It also has high back seats.
The floor has been diamond plated and rhino lined. it also has roll bar in the back.

Title is clean and in my name.
I have the value of this set fair at $3500. I will need at least 1/2 in cash and the rest in trade. looking for 200cc / 250cc dirt bike xr250 or such and or hunting stuff or firearms 9 MM or 380s”


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