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A “True Jeep” From Fiat

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My son spotted this as the dentist’s office.  Motor Trend is reporting that Fiat is producing a true jeep for Europe, one that will be both crossover and a trail rated versions.  No pics of the concept or final version have been released just yet.  There are plans to sell this in the US, too.

“Jeep is preparing a new subcompact SUV crossover for the middle of calendar year 2013. It will be built in Europe on a Fiat platform, but Jeep promises it will have significant off-road capability. Jeep CEO Mike Manley told Motor Trend, ‘It will be a true Jeep. It has to be, for us. There will be an all-wheel-drive version, and a Trail Rated version.'”

View more here at Motor Trend (Note:  The vehicle pictured is a disguised version of what they will produce.)


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  1. Brett

    Link no worky. I Googled (is that a verb nowdays) and found this:×4
    Is that the same one?

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