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Sebastian Finds a Jeep on Bimini

• CATEGORIES: CJ-7, Features

Sebastian snapped these photos of this right hand drive jeep.

He writes, “Last Saturday I spotted this beautiful Jeep in Bimini Island (Bahamas). See attached pictures. Some very interesting features such as the steering wheel at the “wrong” side, a quality roof, lateral seats, nice speakers, and extended back. I did not see anyone around so I don’t know who the owner is or what is the car for, maybe a private recreational vehicle? or a public taxi like in Colombia? not sure, but definitely I envy the person that drives this jewel on the beach.”


One comment on “Sebastian Finds a Jeep on Bimini

  1. Brian 58 cj3b

    Interesting, Both fender flares look to be from a 1987 Wrangler and the grill looks to be off a postal Jeep. The tub looks to be a Cj7 due to the dash The windshield looks a little upright. The steering column runs through the floor like an old Willys and may not be collapsible. I would have to wonder if the heater box made this change.

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