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Bantam Testimony about the Jeep Origin

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Gerad found this fascinating bit of testimony from Bantam about how the company and the Army worked together.  This seems particularly appropriate given the upcoming Bantam Festival.

BTW.  If anyone wants to take pics and send in reports from the Festival, I will try to do updates based on what I receive. email me about it at d at

Gerald writes,”A few years back I went to the Henry Ford Archives Library in Detroit to research the Jeep.  I found this document.  It is cool.  It was hand typed and the original, Henry read it himself.  The research librarian shook me down, I showed him I knew my shit, then he showed me the good stuff. The Le Croix collection.  I used white gloves and all. Anyways.  Good Bantam history for the record.  This is Bantam’s testimony of what went down.”


7 Comments on “Bantam Testimony about the Jeep Origin

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    That’s all I have. If there was more, either Gerald couldn’t get it or the library didn’t have it?

  2. Bob

    This is very cool info. I’m going to Butler, but will not be there until Saturday around 2 pm

  3. Steve E.

    Very appropriate timing! Thanks for posting the information about Bantam Jeeps, Dave. I’ve grown to appreciate learning about Jeep history. It add to the enjoyment of driving them. I was excited to see a restored Bantam car at the local car show week, Kool April Nites, a few years ago. I can see why Bantam jumped at the chance to build a rugged “go anywhere” vehicle based on their existing lightweight economy car.

    See you in Tacoma this weekend for the Great Northwest Jeep Forward Control Get-Together!

    He with the ugliest FC wins! (O.K., I made that up so I’d win. lol.)

    **Steve E.**

  4. Gerald

    Bob, look for me in the Green 63 3B. I’ll be around the Flat Fender Club of Butler. We crossed paths for years it would be good to meet you.

    Later On.

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