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Scam moved to eBay

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The 1942 GPW for Sale has now moved to eBay Classifieds.


3 Comments on “Scam moved to eBay

  1. Nawaz

    Kindly mention the price for above CJ2 Model. I am interested on it. I am from India. Kindly reply me on above mail.


  2. Bill

    I have been wandering around the US and it seems this jeep is growing in popularity…Every Craigslist I have checked has it for sale…so I made my own jeep ad and have tried to post it…Feel free to do the same…:

    Are you looking at ads like this on your local Craigslist???

    1942 GPW Ford Military Jeep – compact military four-wheel drive utility vehicle. Other: Oil Filter; oil filled mesh; 1 throat carburetor, manual choke, exhaust/intake at driver’s side, intake heated via exhaust/bimetal control spring. 6 Volt DC generator, Failsafe automatic fuse. Please contact me with any questions or if you need more information or photos.!”

    Well, don’t go selling the kids yet…IT AIN”T REAL!!! Yup, another one of those dang spammers at work. Or maybe a roomfull of them, we aren’t sure. They sure are productive for someone who is supposed to own a jeep. (We all know jeep ownership involves many late night wrenching sessions, and no honest to goodness jeep owner is gonna have time to put up an ad like this on EVERY CRAIGSLIST in the country….)

    Don’t shed any tears because you missed out on free shipping either…No matter what your opinion of the current crop of money happy politicians, they aren’t spending your money shipping jeeps around for soldiers who just got assigned to nowhereland. Nope, not gonna happen. (Maybe this guy should be shipped to Neverland??)

    Jeeps this good are not $5000 jeeps. The picture this dude uses got stolen from an Ebay listing for an original jeep from WWII owned by a nationally acclaimed collector…and it was about 4 times the price. Ya can’t get someting for nothing, in spite of this guys hopes to get your something in exchange for his Nothing…

    Do us all a favor and flag the ads you see like this, maybe eventually this clown will fade away. He already has gone to the extreme effort of changing his $5000 price to $5001 just to make it harder to tell who he is….(Does he really think us Craigslisters are THAT stupid??)

    Here’s the picture he uses quite often…
    (You will have to save the above picture to provide a pic for the ad…just right click and save as..)

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