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American Society of Military History Museum

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Located in El Monte, Ca, on Rosemead between 10 and 60 frwys in Los Angeles, the American Society of MIlitary History Museum is has been preserving vehicles since 1962 and is a California Non-Profit Educational Organization. The museum has 178 vehicles, including tanks, jeeps and more.

Brian shot these pics, with his father and son shown in the image below. He reports that the museum has some really cool military stuff and was a great place to visit. He also notes that the owner, Craig, could use volunteers to help restoring the vehicles.  Thanks Brian!

It appears we have, from left to right, a M-151, a Mighty Mite, 2 M-38A1s, and a M-38 (thanks Chris).

Here is a MB or GPW

Here is a M-38

This appears to be some kind of military DJ-3A?

And a M-151


7 Comments on “American Society of Military History Museum

  1. Dexter

    Yeah, Barry had a WW2 helmet and some telescopic thingy for a tank appraised. Boy, I’d love to get my hands on that MB. 🙂

  2. deilers

    Chris .. thanks for correcting me. I thought I saw a MB/GPW grill, but I can see now I am wrong. Thanks for point it out.

    – Dave

  3. Dexter

    It’s the same M-38 shown in the fourth pic. I’d have to visit this place the next time I’m in SoCal.:-)

  4. Brian

    Hi all, my Dad is a Vietnam Vet and when he has time my son and I visit military museums, events. His dad was also on a ship that went down at Pearl Harbor, he survived. Next time I’m in the area I will get more photos of this place and the correct information. The place is cool and very basic – outdoors, no computers, just cool stuff to look at………..when taking the self tour they had you a 3 ring binder with the info on each item them (marked with a number that matches the book). There is also a Big gun from the Mighty Mo. Brian

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