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Sebastian Shares pics from JeepFest 2011

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Sebastian was kind enough to share some pics from JeepFest 2011.

He writes, “I just came back from New Castle, it was an incredible event. More than 400 Jeeps, and just a week after the Bantam Festival in Butler (just a few miles away). It seems like Western Pennsylvania in August is the right place to be!.”

You can see more pics at his website:


2 Comments on “Sebastian Shares pics from JeepFest 2011

  1. Bill

    I’m wondering how the duals did coming up thru that rut on the far side of the mud puddle ? I need a set of those adapters to make a dually for myself, they look pretty cool.


  2. Sebastian

    The car never made it there, at the last minute we backed up; I think it was not really possible to pass the mud pit with those duals. Thanks.

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