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1943 MB Westminster, MD **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8500

The seller specializes in the rebuilding of WWII jeeps, though they do other work too.  You can learn more at Hanson Mechanical.

“Refurbished 1943 Willys MB (title says Ford GPW but this IS a Willys MB.)
-1952 Kaiser straight six well mounted with military aircleaner. 110 or more compression on all 6 cylinders.
-T90 transmission with slight leak.
-Brand new military tires.
-Brand new battery,
-Brand new beachwood seat cushions (includes back seat cushion though I do not have back seat frame.)
-2/3 of wiring redone and carefully with solder.
-Bondo and fiberglass removed from body, all repairs with steel, lead filler, and brazing.
-Body stripped to bare metal.
-New Army Jeep Parts WW2 semi gloss paint.
-Original combat rim spare.
-New safety glass.
-90% of this project was done with original parts.

The Jeep looks great and we are very proud of it. Originally I bought it to break up for parts but then it ran so well we decided to save it. We stripped the body of bondo (up to 2 inches in a couple spots) and replaced all bondo and fiberglass with steel. Whole body was wirebrushed. Has incorrect rear tail lights but they sit where the reflectors should be and blend in. Someone cut a tailgate in it once, the next owner bolted a heavy panel in place across the entire rear. The large panel is not noticeable, is thick and strong, and cosmetically okay so we left that in. Has invasion star stencil along with a new number (its rebirth date), and USA markings

What it needs, speedo cable, possibly a new temperature guage, and I have not figured out the gas guage yet. The toolboxes were welded shut, and the metal was replaced over the shock towers with metal from another Jeep by a previous owner, and while shock tower repair is solid it is not cosmetically pleasing.

The vehicle runs great offroad and will pull a house down with the Kaiser 6 and T90. I have only run it short distance on hardtop.

Two months work were put into rescuing this vehicle, it would be nice for anything from parades, to reenactments, to hauling logs out of the woods. I rebuild vehicles to be durable and usable.”


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