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Mitsubishi Right Hand Drive J54 Milburn, Tx $7500

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UPDATE:  Price bumped to $7500

(03/19/2011) This looks like a real nice Mitsubishi, but the description had me scratching my head  Now, I’m no expert on Mitsubishi jeeps, but I’m pretty sure there are some inaccuracies in the description.  As a side note, here are a variety of Mitsubishi Jeep brochures that I found.

For example, ‘Diesel engine means long life, biofuel or runs on French fry oil’ — sure, a diesel ‘can’ run on vegetable oil, but it does require some non-trivial modifications.

Or ‘This is an Mitsubishi produced M38A1’ — this is not an exact version of the M-38a1 (not even close). Instead, this appears to be a J-54.

Or even ‘It has High/Low 4×4 & 4×2 Tranny & Transfer case. (3 levers)’ — unclear how it has a 3rd, separate lever for the transfercase when the first two levers represent the entirety of the transfer case.  Below is the description:

“USED WILLYS JEEP CJ3B (High Hood) PRODUCED BY MITSUBISHI CORP JAPAN. This is an Mitsubishi produced M38A1 VIN # J54-16629

Mitsubishi bought the rights to produce the exact Military version M38A1 Jeeps back post WW II They continued production until 1990

There are identical other than some major improvements.
Differences are Mitsubishi installed there 2760cc 4 cylinder Diesel Engine & put in a 4 speed transmission.
It has High/Low 4×4 & 4×2 Tranny & Transfer case. (3 levers)
Has a posi-trac rear end.
Fuel economy is exceptional. (Approx. 25-30 MPG 2×2) (In 4×4 & extreme conditions less)
Pre-Heat standard , WE were starting it this winter during the ice & snow when it was 0’ outside & the windchills at 15 below.

24v system. Dual batteries

They are right hand drive. (Can be converted) Other than engine, tranny & related most other parts interchange. Tops & other accessories are available new today. We carry a full line of service & replacement parts in our inventory.

This Jeep is equipped with a 3″ lift, free flow exhaust, 32″ tires, aluminum mag wheels, bucket wrap around contour seats,
Chrome Bull Bar,. Bikini Top, Roll bar .

We have been completely thru this Jeep & found it to be in excellent mechanical condition. With No Rust.

The engine will out perform even a 6 cylinder & even V-8’s in most any terrain, …. “well other than flat out”
It has a throttle set for climbing the steepest grades with ease & no bouncing accelerator pedal.
Diesel engine means long life, biofuel or runs on French fry oil dependability & less braking desending the steepest of grades.

Willys required there Logo to be on all of them. Other than the Engine & Tranny you cannot tell them apart.
These will last past your Grandchildren.
They will simply out perform any Jeep you are currently familiar with Off-Road. I have had 24 of these over the years & everyone that got one of them just loves them you will to I am sure.

I sold most of them between $8000 & $10000.
I will take $6500 cash money or trade for something that I like or you think is worth more than 65. Please be real , no junk, & send pics. I like man toys, street rods, & would trade for a Rhino in nice condition.

Call or text 580-371-5355”


3 Comments on “Mitsubishi Right Hand Drive J54 Milburn, Tx $7500

  1. Bob

    I think he might be referring to there being two levers for the t case and one for the trans. Looks to me like a j 54 also. Not too many of them around.

  2. Ken

    Yes, inaccuracies abound… but this is a J54 from my guess. I have one and love it. If it’s before ’77, then a bestop CJ-3B top will fit. “3 lever” would mean the transmission stick plus the twin stick Dana 18 clone. These pics looks alot like the Paladin Trucks people.

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