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Monument to Jeeps in Calcedonia, Colombia

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Roberto found this jeep taking center stage in Calcdeonia, Colombia.

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4 Comments on “Monument to Jeeps in Calcedonia, Colombia

  1. Brian 58 cj3b

    Got to love Google Translate
    From one of the links
    Colombia is one of the countries of the world where you can build a map from the cars that inhabit each of their regions. Each village or area has its own, one that showed over the years that best address the transportation needs in the type of work and charge the surrounding geography, economy of use and style variables.

    In mountain areas, the 4 × 4 resist all kinds of abuse, and there are places where the only people you see are the Aro Carpati and UAZ Iron Curtain (for example, people of tierra caliente), in others, the Nissan Patrol (in the case of many peoples of Antioquia) or Daihatsu F20, which are required in towns on the savannah of Cundinamarca and Boyacá, the double cab Dacia work and live like ants in Barrie and surrounding areas, the Renault 4 and 6 are still taxis many people in the basin of Cauca, but more surprising is the overcrowding of the Willys Jeep CJ5 and later in the villages in the coffee.

    Caicedonia coffee is perhaps the town where they live more intensely the cult Yipao (well known to the Willys Jeep), such that the most important monument and the one that greets visitors at the main roundabout does not hold any hero or politician or artist, if not the rustic vehicle. And in the center, from the streets around the market all the time out the Willys overly laden passengers and packages to the most remote places in the surrounding mountains, a task that already carry some Jeep served more than 50 years. At that time the progress of the car has not given the most appropriate tool to get where Willys seems that no one else can.

  2. Roberto Flores


    If you´re interested, check Derek Redmond´s website (devoted to the Willys CJ3B) for more info:

    And you make a search at Google for the “yipaos”, you´ll be shocked!

    As I have meet several Colombian fellows who have emigrated from their homeland to my hometown, I have managed to talk with them about the employement of the Willys jeep at their country and all of them have a lot of experiences and stories to talk about!

  3. deilers

    Thanks Roberto .. There are also a large number of Colombian readers of eWillys (based on my webstats).

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