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#4844 on San Juan Island, Wa

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I’m still catching up on emails, so if I haven’t responded .. that’s why.  We had some internet issues tonight.  Unfortunately, I can no longer blame the Canadians for that.

As promised, finally, below are pics of the 1942 GPW.  We were driving down a street into Friday Harbor when I felt the jeep beckon to me through the glass.  Naturally, none of the driver’s behind me minded when I stomped on the brakes and veered violently to the shoulder for an emergency stop.  In fact their salutes to me seemed quite friendly, but they seemed in a hurry cuz they only had time to wave with one finger …. there’s more to the story, but I’m tired so that’s it for now.

Note the windshield extension that allows the use of a CJ-3A top.


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