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Classic Car and Jeep show at Perryville High School, Perryville, MD

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Brendan from This Old Jeep asked me to put the word out about a soccer team fundraiser that includes a teen who built a very nice Willys Truck.  You can learn more about it here.  The goal is to raise $300 for the club, but a side goal is to get as many classic jeeps there as possible.

The event takes place at Saturday Oct. 1st 2011. 11am-2pm perryville Outlets Center Heather Ln Perryville Md. This venue is just off of I95 at exit 93 so its easy to get to for most of us east coast guys. Registration starts at 9am.


15 Comments on “Classic Car and Jeep show at Perryville High School, Perryville, MD

  1. Steve E.

    I’d like to pre-register for the car show. Brendan, please E-mail me with your school address, coach’s name, check payable to “???”, so I can send a $10 check. willys57 at

    Maybe if I left tomorrow in my little yellow Jeepster, I might make it from coast to coast on time. (lol.)

    Our youth sports programs in the USA are falling apart due to crazy social politics and lack of funding, but are so important to a teenager’s experience. At least it was for me growing up. I challenge every Willys owner to send their team $5. I’m sending ten. (I suppose seeing my favorite Willys color on that ’48 pickup inspires me want to donate, too.) (lol.)

    **Steve E.**

  2. kilroy

    Any of you real smart guys out there know what year this truck is and why?
    I don’t know much about Willys P/U’s. Very sharp! I want one!
    Way to get behind a good cause, Mike G.!!!!

  3. Bob

    Looks like a 47-48 with that hood and grill configuration. Kinda looks like a wagon hood though. Very nice looking truck. He should be proud.

  4. Dakota Dunman

    Mr.Burke and Mr.Mike G. Thank you for posting this.
    Mr.Steve thanks alot, here is the address- 1696 Perryville Road Perryville Maryland 21903 Make checks to Peryville High School Boys Soccer.I wish you could bring your jeep.If you can send a picture to my email or if you FB please put it on our page PERRYVILLE BOYS SOCCER CAR SHOW AND SWAP.Please send your address, we have dash plaques for donations over $5.

    Mr.Kilroy- This is a 1949,the wagon and truck came with the same front end. It was the last year for a step between the cab and rear fender.You can find themfor sale on Kaiser Willy site. Ebay also.
    Mr.Bob thank you we worked really long. My Dad and Uncle Bill taught me alot. We put a little bit of custom into it. The color is metallic dark green.It changes shades in the sun.My Dad painted it.1st time 6 gallons of paint and 4 gallons of clearcoat. We painted it in pieces.The doors have 4 coats of clear coat they are the sweetest.

  5. mike gardner

    If you guys think his truck looks good online you got to see it in person! Its amazing! I really would love to see the jeep just over flowing at this show. Which would mean these guys would meet their goal plus! Thanks guys I really hope I can see you all there!!!

  6. Steve E.

    Ah, Dakota is the owner of this nice truck. Now I have the correct name. I’m writing a letter to his team with a check this very minute.

    Yes, I wish I could see the truck in person. Soon I will be asking Dakota for the paint brand and formula, unless it was custom mixed.

    Anyone else interested in taking up my $5 challenge (Peer pressure! Let’s help them out, five dollars at a time.) The address is above.
    **Steve E.**

  7. Dakota Dunman

    I am sorry we don’t have any paypal accounts only to send it to. Our school address in the above post. Thank you for meeting the challenge my team is very grateful.I appreciate all the support.We will send a dash plaque for any donation over $5.00.
    Thanks again 🙂

  8. Dakota Dunman

    Mr.Steve, thank you for the donation.Our team is sending you a dash plaque.We really appreciate your donation.It was really kind of you.Maybe one day we will end up at the same jeep event.

  9. Steve E.

    I’m proud to help out a good cause that needs help, Dakota. I hope others donate, too.

    Hey E-Willys Fans, step up and help the team! $5 is all it takes; I sent $50. Can anyone else match that? How about topping me?

    I everyone could flood them with $5 each… There’s got to be 100 people checking out E-Willys every day. It’s a great site.

    Dakota, I’m having trouble uploading photos to the Perryville Car Show Facebook Page. Operator error? I even finally figured out how to re-size the photos, now I need to figure out how to have the photos accepted. Do I have to be a friend to upload pix? How about sending me your E-mail address to, and I’ll send a few photos of other ’49 Willys directly to you.

    **Steve E.**

  10. Dakota Dunman

    Thanks for the support Mr.Mike and Mr. Steve. Thank you both for your support. We made $350. after everything was done. Hopefully come on a overcast day next years will be better. We had 30 cars participate which was great.
    Mr.Mike thanks for bring the JK8 project and your Willys Jeep. The team really like seeing them.
    Mr.Steve thanks for your support. We will Pay It Foward some how.

  11. Steve E.

    Dakota, I appreciate the results of the car show. When someone give a little, they want to know how it helped, and the rest of the story. I also like the success story. Congratulations for raising almost twice as much as your goal. I’m glad I was able to help with my small donation. I’m looking forward to a dash plaque. Are there any photos on your facebook page?

    If you wanted to donate, but didn’t get a chance, it’s not too late. E-Willys fans interested in youth sports in America should send $5 for their healthy cause to the address in a previous message.
    **Steve E.**

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