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Busy Busy Busy

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This month there have been a few more interruptions than normal with eWillys because I’ve been busy, busy, busy.  Here is why ….

First off, I’ve been dating someone, throwing off my time schedule a bit, but I’m happier for it!

Second, the book is nearly ready for publication; I have decided to do one more large revision based on some comments from my Aunt.  Those should be complete by month’s end.  Below is a mockup of the book with its cover.  I think I have a book printer, but am still negotiating that.  Until that time, I will release the book electronically and will encourage as many people as possible to buy it. The reason I need to sell the book is because my financial contract is up with my previous employer.  So, my ability to continue to support eWillys is slightly endangered.  However, I won’t give up hope just yet, especially since responses to the book from women have been excellent, so I have pretty high hopes!  Also, I have made some mockups of another book that teaches people how to identify all the models of jeeps.  In addition, I now have a professional photographer that I can work with to create the shots for the new book (you might have seen her work form the San Juan Island GPW we found). I’m hoping I can put that book together over the next year, but that time frame is dependent on a variety of issues.

Third, I’ve been doing legwork on securing some art pieces created by my Great Aunt Emma Eilers about 100 years ago.  Thirty paintings popped up from a single collector in early September, so it took some effort and negotiations to come to a satisfying financial solution to get them back into the family.

Fourth, I’ve been preparing for a trip to NYC/Long Island from Sept 19th through Sept 29th to do family research, review the paintings mentioned above, and visit with a jeep collector in the area.  During my stay in Sea Cliff, LI, I will also be staying at my Aunt’s former studio which still sits on the property that was the former family estate.  So, I’ve very excited about this unusual opportunity.  I’m hoping all the family research work I’ve done over the past 10 years will result in another book, though it isn’t jeep related in the slightest.

So, the timing of updates and my response times will be uneven for a week and a half.  It’s just been that kind of September!

Below is the back cover:


3 Comments on “Busy Busy Busy

  1. Paul

    Dave, compared to your family my family is about as exciting as soggy cardboard. Both my parents were only children, both my grandfathers were dead before I was born and my grandmothers died early. As you can imagine our family reunions were extremely boring so count me in for a couple copies of your first book and keep me on the list for later books!

  2. Kevin Roth

    Dave….I tip my hat to ya. Put me down for a copy of your book…I support whole heartedly your desire to obtain your grand mothers art works….and just remember….”it all comes to he who waits”
    Sending you good fibes from Georgia

  3. Gerald

    Sounds like your back on the road. Who knows what that East Coast trip will bring. Good hunting and good luck. Let us know about the book. Maybe I will turn my wife on to it.


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