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Jonas’ M-606

• CATEGORIES: Features, M-606 (military CJ-3B)

Jonas wrote me the other day telling me he’s got a rare M-606. I asked him if the Data Plate was stamped ‘M-606’ and he said it was and that the speedometer is in KMs.  He’s invited me to drop by and see for myself, so I hope to report on it in early October. Thanks for sharing!  Cool pics, too! I love the contrast between the sky and the trees, jeep and grass.

He wrote, “I own a actual M606 jeep made by Kaiser in 1966. This is not a military CJ3B. It was exported (to Argentina I think) and then repatriated back to the US. Or it never left, nobody knows really. But It is here now and it is pretty original with all the features unique to the M606. I have acquired a Koening winch and hard cab for it in the past month and put a set of proper traction type tires on it.”


5 Comments on “Jonas’ M-606

  1. kilroy

    Does anyone know anything about this style of seat? Are they original?
    I know a guy with a set of them (they look like this, anyway) and he said they were “buckets” out of a Willys p/u or a s/wgn.
    I was not aware of any “buckets” in any Willys p/u’s or wgns.
    Just curious.
    Nice Jeep!

  2. Jonas

    I have no Idea what the panel is for, I wondered that myself. Maybe a gas fired heater? There are holes around it that I think are for jerry can brackets. The seat frames are original, they have just been recovered and spring bottom and backs installed. I intend to redo them in OD green canvas as soon as they wear out. Not shown in the pictures are the lenses for the front running lights which I did happen to find. There are some holes below the lights for reflectors I imagine. I need to find those.

    Thanks for the help and comments.

  3. Bob

    The plate on the passenger side is a blank where the fresh air heater intake screen would go if it were equipped with the correct heater. All of the 3bs had that after say 1959-1960 somewhere. The holes around it may be for a jerry can, that’s the most likely. I doubt if they’re factory, but rather might have been added in service.

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