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1946 CJ-2A Rhode Island **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000.

This CJ-2A runs and has a rear pto.

“FOR SALE: Complete and intact 1946 Jeep cj-2a, I have been chipping away on making this truck a sweet little plow truck for the last couple of months, and have collected a bunch of great parts to that end. I have a full hardtop for the truck, that is in great shape, and it has a set of hard doors included with it, that could use some work. I also have a complete manual plow setup that goes with it, that i removed from a 1975 cj-5, and it has everything – pump, hoses, control head, stainless control arms, mounting bracket, rams, chains, etc, and has most of the mounting frame, but im sure it will need some welding and some angle iron to attach it properly. The truck has previously been fitted with a stainless and shorter than normal windshield frame, so there is an easy to patch 1″ gap between the roof lip and the top of the windshield frame, and the windshield frame is set up to accept glass or plexiglass, lexan, etc.

The jeep engine runs well, and is a stock 6 volt system. it fires right up and has excellent oil pressure. the tcase and transmission levers are stiff, so i got a completely intact trans/tcase combo to repair if necessary on the bench. i have not gotten into either one, but in the past, I have filled cases with similar feel with Marvel Mystery oil, and they freed up and were serviceable and useable, and i feel that the setup in the jeep right now will be fine, i just got such a good deal on a batch of parts that i couldn’t turn it down. ALSO INCLUDED with jeep are all the parts i have for it: spare starter, spare distributor, intake and exhaust manifolds, two complete steering shaft and box assemblies, a KILLER custom made stainless fuel for under the seat, a stock junky underseat fuel tank, headlight buckets set, front and rear driveshafts, spare engine fan, i got a rear seat along the way, two front seats, a spare dashboard with all gauges, a spare grill, a tow bar setup that attaches to the front to enable easy transport (I was gonna tow it behind my M35a2), a spare cluth setup, a really nice for its age tailgate with nary a rust hole – but plenty of patina. The hood has been replaced already with an NOS part and it is solid. Did i mention the hardtop is in great shape? yes it is. I know im forgetting some things. Like a whole spare frame … and i have a set of 4 35” bfg muds on rockcrawler cj5x5.5 rims, that i can include and will fit with either a sawzall lift or a traditional spring lift. I do have the left front fender but it is not on the truck in the pictures. Oh yeah and a spare radiator.

This truck also has – intact and complete – a PTO setup built off the tcase, with a separate control lever, that drives a shaft that runs to the rear of vehicle and turns a large three belted pulley. It is all there and can be made to work. Four control levers throught the floor is a good look for a willys. The nameplates and tags on the dash that explain how things work and all are still there too. I have scraped off all excess rust, old paint, debri, etc, and painted the entire body with a rust reformer grey primer, kinda a naval appearance, it has kept the neighbors and girlfriend off my back about the appearance of it while i worked on other aspects… it went from being a “rusty pile” to “cute little jeep” almost overnight! and so when you pull it home on a trailer, it’s home-show ready, and will not offend the wife or anyone who just doesn’t get jeep culture. Although it will need some work (brakelines, lotsa grease, perhaps some body patching, weld on the plow frame, etc) to be the rig i know it can be”


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