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1945 MB Hartford, Ct $1500 (flathead with turbo)

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They had me at flathead with a turbo.  We need some pics and specs regarding this unusual mod.

“1945 willys jeep. Has flat head 4 cylinder with a turbo. Runs good. Been sitting for 20 years. frame is in good shape. surface rust. Jeep was used to mud bog. has a roll cage no windsheild. Body is pretty rusty. call only i do not respond to emails. 860-392-9662”


8 Comments on “1945 MB Hartford, Ct $1500 (flathead with turbo)

  1. Paul

    I can’t imagine why anyone would turbocharge an original four cylinder engine, that’s like putting lipstick on a pig. You can do it but I don’t believe the engine will last long.

  2. Paul

    Dave, lets put lipstick on the engine and turbocharge the pig. It makes more sense and just imagine how fast you could get bacon to your house.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    oops .. I accidentally deleted my own comment .. lol … this goes in between Paul’s comments

    But sometimes you just gotta try putting the lipstick on to see how the pig looks and how fast it will run … well, I might have lost the metaphor at the end there …

  4. Bob

    What effect would turbo have on a long stroke motor? I guess it’s a question someone had at some point.

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    whether practical or not (maybe it doesn’t work at all??) I think it looks really inventive.

  6. Bill

    I’m a huge turbo enthusiast and you can make them work on almost anything.
    I agree with deilers and I commend the adventurous soul who, LONG before turbos were “it”, put this little set-up together. 🙂

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