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1951 M-38 Middlesex County, Ct $15,000

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This looks nice.

“Found in a barn 20 years ago, have been slowly restoring it over that long time. Runs and drives fine. This one originally came with an aluminum officers insulated cab. It was built in the middle of the only 60k that were produced. All Beechwood canvas original interior and top. Used only in parades and shows, have trophies.”


2 Comments on “1951 M-38 Middlesex County, Ct $15,000

  1. Bob OB

    An Arctic cab. Had nothing to do with being an officer. They froze their ass’s off just like everyone else.

  2. Paul

    When the “Arctic cab” was installed a Southwind gas heater was usually bolted to the cowl (on the drivers side) with a full width defroster added along the lower edge of the windshield inside the cab. These heaters put out 20,000 btu’s and they’d keep the interior toasty warm even with the outside temperature hovering around 40 below F. The doors are the weak spot on the hardtop but these heaters will last forever.

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