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Updates later today (Thursday)


Due to the snow along I-80 yesterday we decided to travel northward from Omaha to Washington along I-90.  I mentioned to Ann I had never seen Mt. Rushmore and she said that I have to see it.  So, this morning I will be ‘investigating’ the Rapid City, South Dakota, area for any jeeps.  I will push my investigation as far south as Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse, so dedicated I am.  Later today when we get back on the road for the remaining 14 hour drive, I will report on my success (or failure).


One comment on “Updates later today (Thursday)

  1. Ann

    As we once again travel past Rabid city we start to reminisce about our previous trips through. It’s crazy that 8 years later we can’t recall how those trip went. I think we’re old. Thank goodness we have eWillys for our stored memories.

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