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Jeepneys in Manilla

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UPDATE II:  We spent last night at Andy’s place in the Catskills. Just as I posted this the power went out, remaining out most of the night.  Once again, I was without power and cell service so updates came to a halt.  I am thinking some higher power didn’t want me doing updates yesterday ….

UPDATE: Well, this was supposed to post this afternoon, but it turns out that there isn’t much broadband cellular service while driving through the catskills.  Then, once I did get service, I got through a variety of updates.  Unfortunately, my computer battery ran out just before finishing this last post.  Not to be deterred, I tried to use my power converter.  I plugged into the cigarette lighter only to discover the converter had blown a fuse.  sigh … but, I’m back up now.

Alex reports that Jeepneys are alive and well in Manila.  Here are some pictures from this week.  Thanks Alex!


One comment on “Jeepneys in Manilla

  1. Craig B.

    Having a soft spot for Jeeps that transport people these have always been intriguing to me. If I ever strike it rich a Sarao Jeepney will grace my collection!

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