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Busted at the NYC Reservoir

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We have emerged from the Catskills and are plugged back into the virtual world.  I have several updates to provide, but first i have to catch up on emails and review more than 700 photos shot by Ann in the last two days to prepare for another round of family history photos on Tuesday.

I managed to receive my second warning of the trip.  It all started with Ann asking me to stop so we could take a picture near the water.  It turns out that water isn’t any old water hole; instead, it is New York City’s main source of water.  And, it turns out, they are mighty protective of that water.  But, there weren’t any fences and there were a lot of little row boats littering the beach.  So, we thought, for the picture, we would be ok … below is the picture of us and a picture of me and the police while they wrote us both a warning.  To the officer’s credit, they were professional and even apologized for writing the warnings.  I guess they quickly concluded we were clueless tourists on a road trip.  I even gave one a card in hopes they’d drop by the website.


9 Comments on “Busted at the NYC Reservoir

  1. deilers

    Lol .. I had one small Pumpkin Martini a couple nights before, so I sure hope I would have! However, I doubt I would have survived the ‘where am I now test’, because everyone time I open a map I have to confirm with Ann exactly which state we are in (now Connecticut).

  2. Paul

    A lake like that here in Alaska would have at least 20 floatplanes operating off it and numerous fisherman along the banks. That lake looks lonely to me.

  3. Bob

    What a riot, you’re terrorizing the police at every turn…you’re like Bonnie and Clyde without the bank robberies and murders!

  4. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Did you use the self-timer or did you ask the cop to take that picture of you 2 with your camera?

  5. deilers

    Brendan … You are correct. And, there can/will be more photos … We are around the 1300 photo mark. I think my computer has actually gotten heavier from all the photos on it.

    Paul .. Why don’t you and the Goddess join us at the lake. Bring something explosive looking. I can guarantee that lake won’t look empty for long. There will be flashing lights, helicopters, maybe some military folks and plenty of police. I suspect by that point we won’t be receiving warnings though. In fact, bring some warm weather clothes, because I think our next destination will be Cuba …

  6. deilers

    Steve … We took the picture with a self timer. As soon as we took the picture, we saw the police pull up. Nice as they were, we didn’t feel so cozy in our friendship with them to have them take our picture. Though, we felt comfortable enough that Ann shouted to me “do the drunk test”, hence the picture 🙂

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