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Anyone have Deestone D503 Tire experience?

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Greg wrote me with a question for readers.

“Been researching tires for my Dad’s CJ3A restoration project lately. The closest thing I’ve found to a mid-sixties style mud tire that he want’s to use is a Deestone D503. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this tire (7.00 x 15), or perhaps has a more economical or even modern tire with similar tread characteristics. For our purposes with this jeep, visual is as important as off road performance. Oh, price is a consideration too. These retail for around $130-145, plus tubes, mounting, shipping, etc etc. One issue I’m having with this tire at the moment is the diameter.   29.8″ versus the 26 or 27″ it’ll replace.   I’m ok with slightly larger, but I worry about getting too big.”



8 Comments on “Anyone have Deestone D503 Tire experience?

  1. Brian Allin

    I’d like to find someone that sells a P235/75R15 or a 7.00×15″ tubeless with tread like this. I only need a pair.

  2. Dave

    Thats funny, Just ordered 5 of these in 750-16 today (nov 26) Have been looking for this exact tread design for a year.750,s are right at 32.20 tall Want old school look for my 71 cj5 . Had these on my 70 chev pu and you will be amazed where you can get just with posi rear end and not in 4 wheel drive. Tall skinny mud diggn tires do best, but thats my opinion , Am a 50 year old mudder and these are all I would buy again and again. Did not find on the west coast, bought at Miller tire in Ohio. Am also building a 56 willys and will also have these but in 700-15 for original look and dont want to lift. hope this helps, Dave

  3. greg

    Thanks guys. I’d be ok with a modern tired if we could more closely approximate the vintage looking tread design. What about the diameter regarding appearance? Do you think it would look inappropriate on a restoration? I’m not totally committed to 100% concours style but I don’t want it to appear too extreme either. Anyone know of a photo of a 3A with 29″ or 30″ tall skinny tires on it?

  4. Greg

    Thanks Marty,

    Exactly the feedback I was hoping for. Do you have a photo of your jeep with the tires installed?

    I checked the link, I’ll call them tomorrow. For some reason the email link isn’t working.

    Thanks again.

  5. Greg

    Thanks Steve. I checked and they aren’t taking additional orders on the 15″ tires at the moment due to the scarcity of 15″ carcasses. It only seems like yesterday that the 16″ tires were the rare ones, now it’s the opposite.

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