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Merry Christmas CJ-2A

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Ted has his CJ-2A dressed up for Christmas.  You can see more pics of Ted’s CJ-2A here.

Hmm … I guess I should dress up Biscuit.  If the rain abates, I will get him out and do something holidayish.


5 Comments on “Merry Christmas CJ-2A

  1. Brett

    If you read this, any plans with the M38 tub? I’d be willing to take some of the bolt on items from it if the price is right.

  2. modmike

    I love the look of this Willys with the old style top and the Shell decal. it brings back memories of the 1950’s and 60’s when just about gas station had an old Willys parked out front; very cool.

  3. TedC

    The tub is not mine but should be available from Marco at Upton Wholesale Carpet in Upton, MA

    Five oh eight five two niner 3265

    Marco was restoring the M38 owned by the Town of Wayland and sold the rolling chassis.

    Believe he also has/had front fenders for the M38?

    Thanks, Ted

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