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The Book Arrived!

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After waiting all day for it, the book finally arrived at 4:45pm.  A knock at the door was quickly followed by my parents’ dog Jill barking at whomever was on the other side of the door.  We quickly ran to the door.  I snatched up the book while Ann raced for her camera.  Mom was excited, the kids were excited, Ann was excited, and I was excited too.  I think Dad was even excited, though if pressed I’m not sure he would admit it.  Pictures ensued, followed by a gift of a pen by Ann especially for signatures (and it’s a great pen, too!).

The only issue I have found with the printing (which is good) is that the Title doesn’t stand out enough, so I will be making a change to that.  Otherwise, it looks ready to go.  Here are some pics from this special day.


16 Comments on “The Book Arrived!

  1. Steve E.

    Finding Virginia, and meeting Ann. She must be one special lady. I’ll have to read the book to know the whole story. (if that’s even the plot. (lol.) I’ll feel your excitement when I watch you sign my book at the Northwest FC Get Together in August, 2012. I’m looking forward to reading it!
    I’m glad you understand your dad. He right there with you, sharing all the excitement without making a fuss, just like Christmas morning when you were a tiny tot. And there goes mom again, who always seems to have things in perspective. (lol)

    Save some first printing books for us,
    **Steve E.**

  2. Grant

    Congrats looks like a great book for my jeep book collection can’t wait to read it have a Merrry Christmas and a better new year.

  3. deilers

    Well, I’d never compare it to giving birth, but I will compare it to rebuilding a jeep. It is harder and takes longer than you would think!

    Thanks for all the support. Everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    – Dave

  4. Paul

    Who’s the kid on the cover? Just kidding! Rebuilding Jeeps is way easier than writing books so the Goddess and I celebrate your latest accomplishment. Well done!

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