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James’ Holiday Surprise from Walcks4wd

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James wrote me this evening about a wonderful surprise from Walcks4wd.  Congrats James!

“Merry Christmas Dave! Hope you and your family are having a good Christmas this year! I woke up this morning and Santa was very good to me. I opened presents from Mom and Dad and later was sitting in our living room listening to some Tony Bennet and Frank Sinatra Holiday music.

I opened up my email and Santa had left another present for me. I won the 2011 Walcks4wd Wishlist! They made my Christmas wishes come true! I want to thank Carl Walck and his family and wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I also want to thank you Dave. Through your website, I found Walcks4wd. They have the most authentic and highest quality parts around. I would recommend them to anyone restoring or fixing up a jeep. They are truly good people. Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! James.”


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