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Early Slat Grille MB in Southern California

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Just a few updates tonight . . . I might be wrong, but looking at the slope of the driver’s entrance, it almost looks like a Willys MA curve.   The frame and front clip appear MBish though.  The photo was taken in the Santa Rita Hills of Southern California in May of 2008 by “ManDog”.

Compare it to this shot of a MA from the WillysMA website.


4 Comments on “Early Slat Grille MB in Southern California

  1. Dexter

    It’s 100% a slat MB. If you look closer, there’s a straight line (highlight) along the bottom of the entrance. Also, this area tends to get a lot of wear causing the metal to rust and darken. This dark area blends with the dark surrounding creating what looks like a deeper MA-style entrance.

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