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1953 CJ-3A/DJ-3A Apple Country, NC eBay


This looks like a CJ-3A which has an updated DJ-3A body.

“Up for auction is another one of our farm vehicles we have decided to sale.  This is a 1953 Willys Jeep and from the best I can tell it is a model CJ3A.  We have had it for many years and used it to pull one of our irrigation pumps.  It has a four cylinder motor and is four wheel drive.  It has not been driven in a few years but should crank up with little more than a charged battery and some fresh gas.  The odometer reading is 70718 and it has a clear title.  This jeep can be used like it is or can be restored to its original condition.  This is an “as is” sale with the buyer is responsible for picking up or arranging to have the vehicle transported to their location.  Buyer to pay a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 through Paypal within 24 hours of auctions end.  Remaining balance to be paid by cashiers check or cash in person within 3 business days of auctions end.  Serious bidders only please.”


6 Comments on “1953 CJ-3A/DJ-3A Apple Country, NC eBay

  1. Bill

    I would guess DJ with four wheel drive conversion….I can’t see anyone putting a delivery body on a CJ3A..altho stranger things have happened..It would be interesting to see the vin plate and frame number….

  2. Bill

    Engine has a lot of DJ features, including oil fill and dipstick, air filter, Carb and intake manifold and throttle linkage. If the reserve was low enough it woud be a great parts source for someones DJ or convertible project that needs drivetrain parts. Frame may also be good.

  3. deilers

    Bill: I based my assumption on the registered year of the vehicle coupled with the rear of the frame, which looks like a CJ-3A/CJ-3B bumper and PTO angle iron.

  4. Bill

    Got a message back from the seller, He couldn’t find the Vin Tag, jeep is titled with the numbers listed in the Ebay auction. He has not checked to see if engine still cranks over but he states it should crank and run with little work…

  5. Buz

    Starting bid is low enough, but if it’s like anything else here in NC the expected price is going to be too high. Also a red flag if he can’t find the VIN tag because NC Motor Vehicles might want to check it before printing a new title for a car that age.

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