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Wartime Jeep Comes Home

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Here’s a nice Jeep News article from page 9 of the Fall/Winter of 1981.  Thanks Roy!



8 Comments on “Wartime Jeep Comes Home

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    David, this says that the jeep was sold at an “army disposal auction” in Texas. I’m was not aware that surplus jeeps were sold this way, were you?

  2. George Franks

    Every now and then you need to read a good story like this. Great way to start out the day.

  3. deilers


    I couldn’t say for sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Besides, they did it with horses. ” . . . the Army did not order the killing of surplus horses; the Treasury Dept auctioned them to civilians in 1944″ (v )

  4. Mitch

    Very cool story! I now have an FC that runs after 30+ years in hibernation. Not at all drivable but it runs!

  5. Dexter

    The folks at Haggin’s Museum in Stockton, which has the Jeep, were stunned when they learned “Willy” is actually a Ford GPW.

  6. Marty Tilford

    I have a patch like the one in the article that I got from a friend. It is now on my club jacket.

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