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Paper Jeeps Maquettes-Papier

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After the papercraft jeep post, I stumpled upon a french website called maquettes-papier that had several different paper jeeps.  Unfortunately, my French is a little weak.  I believe the jeep below was built from some plans and the jeep below that was custom made.

The SAS Jeep:

More SAS jeep images here:

Additional Models of paper Military Vehicles can be found here: 


3 Comments on “Paper Jeeps Maquettes-Papier

  1. frankthecrank58

    since i have no life, i counted how many hours it took to build this. apparently there are more than a hundred hours into this, and i think that’s before the detail paint. crazy! and it’s made out of paper!

  2. deilers

    Frank .. if you get too bored, I have a book you can read 🙂 … Did you see the other paper projects these people built? There are castles, houses, and all types of things. Some are just georgeous!

  3. frankthecrank58

    i want to get the book…….and not because i’m bored! could you email the details on cost of shipping it to me in Edmonton Alberta and how would be the best way to pay. and of course i need a signed copy. thanks

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