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Willys Dealership Pictures

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Bill forwarded the picture of a St. Petersburg Dealership below. That got me searching the net for a few more.

This picture is from Boerne, Texas.  I found it here.

This picture is from Spokane, Wa, and the Spokesman Review (and current good view):


4 Comments on “Willys Dealership Pictures

  1. Bob

    Over on the Vernco site theres a link called the willys dealership project. Not sure if it’s active or not, but there was some good info over there.

  2. Jim

    I remember that the guy who was maintaining the Willys Dealership Project was looking for someone else to take it over quite a while ago. Did that ever happen? He had a good bit of stuff saved on that site; would be a shame if it’s all been lost.

  3. David Eilers


    I believe it was Verne Simmons who was maintaining that project, the same one Bob mentions in his comment: Vernco. That project has since disappeared from the internet. Even the Wayback Machine didn’t preserve the information.

    I do tag dealership images so that at some point I could go back and organize something, but it’s just not a high priority for me (too many other things to capture and organize).

    – Dave

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