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50th Anniversary Model Richmond, BC, Canada

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I have not seen another one of these.  Anyone else.

“Rare plaster (?) cast model in great detail of a World War II army (military) jeep (Willys MB or Ford GPW) jeep in US service with two crewmen and piled high with kit and weapons. Very detailed! Commissioned by my friend, the late Roy Van Wicklin in Las Vegas, NV, USA. He owned 4WD by Van and was a World renowned jeep collector and reasearcher.

VERY detailed and accurate unlike some that have been produced by peoiple who do not know jeeps well. Sadly “Van” passed away last year. This is the ONLY one I have ever seen of this model.

Specdial for someone who has an MB or GPW or wishes they could afford the real thing.
4-3/4″ long.”


2 Comments on “50th Anniversary Model Richmond, BC, Canada

  1. Craig

    Yeah, I’ve got one that I purchased from Van in 1998 at the international military vehicle show . It was held at the Tobyanna Pa. military supply depot. Its made from some type of plastic/silicone material. Not only do I have one , but I had mine autographed by “Van”. I hope these pics come out!!

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