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A Couple pics from Le Clown Lyrique

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Here are two pictures I hadn’t seen that I found on a french website called Le Clown Lyrique.

1. © Lee Miller Dinard, France 1944

2.  Libération de Paris. Parisienne embrassant des soldats américains. Août 1944. © LAPI Roger-Viollet


5 Comments on “A Couple pics from Le Clown Lyrique

  1. Rob

    Those are great pictures. I watched Band of Brothers this weekend, again , they ran it all day long. Wow lots of Jeeps, Rob

  2. Roberto Flores

    Ahhhhh! What a couple of fantastic shots! Lee Miller…how many souvenirs! When I was studying Fine Arts, I managed to get a copy of a fantastic book devoted to this fantastic photographer. And she was a real beauty, too!!!

    And the other one…well, it isn´t an US jeep, but a Free French 2nd Armored Division “Leclerc”. This was the first Allied unit to enter Paris at 25th August 1944, with elements combined of several units: reconn (probably the jeep at this pic came from this, I must check my sources), armored, etc. Check also the frontal bumper, with the French license plate -those stylized numbers-, the French flag usually at left, or center of bumper, and the two white bars at the sides of the bumper.

    Ah! I could see the IHC (International Harvester Company) half-track at the background. Who knows, perhaps this was from the “La Nueve” company, or the 9éme Compagnie (9th Co.), III Battalion/Régiment du Marche de Tchad, or infantry mounted. This company was mainly composed of Spanish Republican soldiers…Yes, a quite amazing and long story, that perhaps someday will deserve a decent movie. ;-))

    Thanks for those pictures, Dave! The last one have touched me!

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