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Unusual ‘Jeep’

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Here’s a strange vehicle posted by Dan over at Hemmings.  It is even a dually!


11 Comments on “Unusual ‘Jeep’

  1. mom

    Kinda reminds me of metal sculpture made out of gears, tools etc. It has a certain appeal with the originality of it all.

  2. Paul

    I like it! Instead of Mad Max this reminds me of a vehicle Wild Willy would build. It would be great in parking lots, no worries about door dings.

  3. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Now Dave, is that an original CJ-2A front bumper? Or a piece of a clothesline pole?
    There also appears to be a MB pintle hook attached to it, right?

  4. mom

    Is that a cup holder between the “rails”by the back seat? If so, it was well thought out. Every vehicle needs cup holders.

  5. deilers

    The thin steel tubing reminds me of the ‘chariot’ I made during high school. I wish I had some pictures of that.

    Steve: yeah, the bumper is a fine upgrade for this jalopy. On closer inspection, behind the bumper appears to be an original GPW cross member? This might be a GPW frame etc.

    Isn’t the pintle hook part to the cable assembly that is dragging/holding this thing on the trailer?

    Mom: Either a cup holder or an arm rest or an attachment plate for the Flux Capacitor. Who knows?

  6. mark

    Ewillys has highlighted many Everglades Swamp Buggys. This looks like the king of the swamp.

    I almost bought a cj “trencher” with the dually axle in Oklahoma a few years back. The trencher was gone but I’ve often thought that dual axle would have been sweet. stupidly unpractical but sweet nonetheless.

  7. Steve S


    The shock mounts combined with the cross member identify this as a GPW. The front bumper appears to use the same mounting system as a tandem hitch.


  8. Mark in Indiana

    Looks like the swamp buggys that I see around here. Too bad it was neglected. Looks like good fab work went into it.

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