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1957 Pickup (Tender?) & 1958 Wagon Buhl, Id Make Offer

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The seller refers to the wagon as a ‘panel’, so this is either not a panel wagon or it might be a Parkway Conversion Panel.  Can anyone clarify that?  Frank pointed out the truck might be a Tender.

“I have 2 Willy’s Jeeps for sale 1 is a 57 pick-up and the other is a 58 Panel, Both run but each has it’s own issue’s…They both have the flat head 6, the panel motor purrs like a kitten…The panel body is in excellent shape the floor is in great condition and it has the PTO ..The pick-up runs and is driveable ..But I was goin to use it for parts for the panel I can explain the reason’s for this ..I am selling them as a pair … will not split them up …I don’t have a shop to work on them and Would like to get them to somebody that has the means to do with what is needed ..for additional information give me a call 208-410-7676…Scott”


3 Comments on “1957 Pickup (Tender?) & 1958 Wagon Buhl, Id Make Offer

  1. frankthecrank58

    Dave, is the pickup just a wagon that’s been cut, or could it be one of those specially built one’s that you featured a while ago? hard to tell by the pic, but just a thought. it just looks like the back window is meant to be there

  2. deilers

    I missed that detail. Yeah, it looks like a tender. I will see if I can get some additional pics.

  3. Steve E.

    Yes, the panel is a sedan delivery, and could be a conversion by Parkway. The clue is the “round” body shape over the rear wheels. A Station Wagon (after ’49) has an “angular” body shape over the rear wheels like the outline on the rear of a Willys Pickup fender.

    It’s a ’57 to ’62 because of the heater vent in the grill, passenger side. If it has a PTO as described, someone must have taken the winch off the front bumper. The wench is missing, too. (lol.)

    I’ll wait to see a thread on a “tender”. I need to learn more about that.

    I wish I lived within striking distance. They could be in good condition, and worth a closer look.

    **Steve E.**

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