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Wagon at Nick’s Cove in Marshall, Ca

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Yesterday Ron contacted me, asking if I had see the wagon on the Can-Am commercial.  Well, I couldn’t remember seeing a Can Am commercial.

Then, last night I was watching the Temple/USF game and updating eWillys when I looked up to see Can-Am flash across the screen.  I thought to myself, I wonder if that was the commercial Ron mentioned.  So, I rewinded it and spotted the wagon.  There it was, very briefly shown in the background.  A red wagon with white trim sporting the name Nick’s Cove.  After a quick search that focused on Nick’s Cove only.  I found the pic below.  Thanks Nick!

Nick’s cove is a small town in Marshall, Ca, along highway 1 near the Point Reyes’ National Seashore in Calfornia.


7 Comments on “Wagon at Nick’s Cove in Marshall, Ca

  1. frankthecrank58

    “rewinded”??? as a possible best selling author, you should know that it’s “rewound”. i know you do, but you were testing us.

  2. Deilers

    Well, I looked twice at my use of the word. Then I looked over at the remainder of the duck that I needed to debone and put away. After pondering it a moment I decided my love of food would win out over grammar …. This time anyway.

  3. scramboleer

    The hamlet is actually called Marshall, located on the shores of Tomales Bay. It’s just a quick drive north of San Francisco on Highway 1, but feels like another world.

  4. Steve E.

    What a nice specimen of an original Maverick. I saw my first and only one up close in 1983. I wasn’t sure if I liked the unique trim at first, but over the years, I’ve decided I like it.

    I wonder why I haven’t seen this wagon at the annual Willys America Open House in July. Marshall is only 35 miles from Cazadero.

    **Steve E.**

  5. Buz

    I saw this commercial on Speed TV tonight, boy you only see that wagon for a split second, good catch on spotting it, wonder what other old Willys have been on TV recently?

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