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CJ-2A Style Beachwood Canvas Top Martinsburg, WV No Price


The seller is willing to trade the top for some CJ-2A Parts.

“This is a Beachwood canvas military style soft is in like new condition and I have all of the hardware. I believe this was a custom ordered item to work on a cj2a.i also have a cover for the complete jeep for when this top is installed. This is a very nice set up and the cover has never been used.i would consider trades for some other 2a parts that I need or maybe a full or half cab hard top.guns or cash 301 991 348seven”


6 Comments on “CJ-2A Style Beachwood Canvas Top Martinsburg, WV No Price

  1. Steve S

    Canvas tops connect the same way to the MB/GPW as they do to the early CJ2As. They use Capstan nuts, there were two different types available that determines the size of the hole in the canvas, all later MBs and all early CJ2As used the same capstan. It wasn’t until the change to the single piece glass windshield on the later 2As and the 3As that the canvass attached differently using a slip through channel that the canvass slides through from side to side.

    This top will work on a CJ2A as it is seen here with the split windshield using Mb type bows. If you try to use it on an MB/GPW you will have problems with the Jerry can and the spare tire holder. Notice there are no cutouts for them as the CJ do not have them mounted on the rear.


  2. Lisa Hydock

    Zack: Cool, thanks for the link. 🙂 I did not think the CJ-2/A was that different from the MB/GPW, that would explain why the after market top I have now does not fit well.

  3. Lisa Hydock

    Zack: The after market top I have goes to a CJ3A/B but I do have the flat glass windshield from a CJ3A on my Jeep. Also, I didn’t think that the CJ2/A was much different from the MB/GPW. 🙂

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