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Roberto Illustrations & Roberto Himself

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We often get to see Roberto’s Illustrations, but rarely Roberto himself. It seems he likes to paint himself as much as he does his canvases :-).  Visit Roberto Flores at his website to see more.

This is a pic of me posing with another canvas in process!

The “dibujo-m38-uruguay-END.jpg” is another commissioned order drawn for an Uruguayan customer, and is a present for another fellow jeeper.

Here are two others just for fun:


2 Comments on “Roberto Illustrations & Roberto Himself

  1. mom

    Roberto, I love your illustrations and look forward to all that David puts on this site. Thank you!

  2. Roberto Flores

    Thanks a lot for all your comments! Well, it seems that my overall has its own life…He, he, he! If it could speak…
    Mom, many thanks too for your very kind words. It´s a real honour and a pleasure too to see my illustrations here. EWillys is a must!!!

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