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Heading South to the FC Round Up

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Ann and I are packing our bags and preparing for our trip down to the FC Round Up tomorrow (Monday morning).  We will be leaving Pasco around 6am and stopping in Boise to drop off some books (hopefully sell some at the coffee shop where I wrote a good portion of the book), grab some fries at the Boise Fry Company and some sourdough at the Boise COOP, and then head further south for Salt Lake where we will spend Monday night.  Tuesday we will be heading through Utah and stopping somewhere near the Grand Canyon.  We’ll be in Mesa Wednesday evening.

If you are along our path through I-84/I-15 let me know and we’ll see if we can swing by for a quick visit.

We just completed a few new t-shirts.  It’s the Bantam design I’ve been playing with for a year.  We bought some random shirts and tried the design with different colors.  The picture below is pretty crappy, so use your imagination.


6 Comments on “Heading South to the FC Round Up

  1. Jim Carter

    Read your book – THANK YOU! It brought so many memories! Got it Saturday and finished it 4:30 am today. Talked with your mom & dad yesterday. Karl was in very good sprits. Give me a call when you are back up here. Hope we can get together.

  2. mmdeilers Post author


    Glad you got it and enjoyed it! We will be back in Pasco around April 7th. I will give you a call when we return.

    FYI: We will be in the Seattle area a few days before and after the 26th of April for a presentation and book signing. We also need to make a trip to the San Juans to get the book into a couple stores up there. So, we will be up there once or twice over the next two months.

    – Dave

  3. Jesse Ybarra

    Do to our specific need to keep the FC Roundup for FCs Only and that includes anything and everything that is displayed that is on the premise. We do not allow other items, such as these Bantam shirts, that are not FC items, to take up the very limited FC vendor display area. Anyone that is reading this that is coming should also be aware that this is not a Jeep swap meet, and only FC items are displayed here, we have vendors that display FC items that they sell, electric Wipers, Windshield rubber etc. Each year someone brings a beautiful Non FC and others have brought parts and Items that are non FC to display, but I refuse to allow them because this is an FC-Only event.
    Jesse Ybarra

  4. mmdeilers Post author


    Not a problem. I can understand the need to keep the focus. There are only a handful of them anyway.

    We are on our way. I hope it is sunny down there, cuz it is raining on us right now! See you soon.

    – Dave

  5. Desert Jim 1960

    Wish I could make it. I am still too far south ( 2000 miles+) I will not make it back home untill the 6th. I hope everyone has a fantastic time.

  6. Paul

    A jeep event where it’s sunny and warm? I’d like to be there but I’m a couple of thousand miles too far north so I’ll take the Goddess out for a burger and then I’ll visit my perpetual project in the garage instead. Have fun!

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