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Anyone Recognize This Vehicle?

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I found this picture of Henry J Kaiser sitting in this jeep, but I can’t tell what kind of jeep it is.  It looks like a cross between a flatfender (front) and M151 (rear).  I am wondering if it was a prototype of some sort.  Anyone recognize it? Note the four bolt rims.


13 Comments on “Anyone Recognize This Vehicle?

  1. Buz

    I think that’s one of the six Kaiser extra light weight Jeeps sent to Aberdeen for testing in 1949. That photo is of the odd ball of the group with a different body than the rest. (The odd ball of the odd balls).

  2. Leo

    extra lightweigt must be right, the tub seems to be a riveted construction, so must be aluminum. also wheelbase seems shorter than a CJ and seating looks very low and cramped in comparison. just my 10 cents worth, and look at the man smile !!

  3. Steve

    Kaiser bought willys in 53-54 so I would think that would date the picture and jeep to 54 or later.

  4. Joel Wright

    I would have to agree with Leo and Roberto. My guess is that it is a prototype of the aluminum body M422. Having “bucked a billion” rivets to make UPS delivery truck body side panels during my summers off from college, I can confirm that this is standard fastening methods and the finished look riveting aluminum sheet panels together, even as late as 1970’s. Unless Henry J. Kaiser and the other unidentified man were giants in size, I would have to surmise the Jeep was scaled down in proportions just like other airborne-style Jeeps designed after WWII.

  5. deilers

    It’s the four lug rims that suggest to me a lightweight, but I’ve not encountered a lightweight quite like this one. It is a puzzle. I’m going to contact Kaiser Permanente and see if their historian can tell me more (which is where I found the picture).

    – Dave

  6. Buz

    Check out Fred Crismon’s book U.S. Military Wheeled Vehicles, there is a whole chapter on the light weight vehicles program and there are numerous photos of this particular jeep and several others.

  7. Buz

    No name is mentioned since this one is the oddball. Looking at the photos it might have M29 painted on the front bumper, hard to say, Apparently this program for a light weight ran from 1942 to about the end of the 1950’s. Also the Kaiser lightweight of this period had no relation to the Willys Jeeps.

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