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FC Roundup March 30-31, April 1 2012 Phoenix, Az

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UPDATE:  We are all ready for tomorrow.  Can’t wait to meet everyone!

FC and FleetVan Owners,
Once again I am reminding everyone that this is your invitation, to an event dedicated to the rescue and recreation of Jeep Forward Control and FleetVan vehicles and their owners. Your attendance, as Owners, is the most important part of our event. We have added the invitation to FJ3 – FJ6, Jeep Fleet Vans, these are Forward driven as well. There is no charge to this event and we have a raffle of donated FC related parts and products. Please Donate what you can to the free raffle, if you have something that you think someone might want for there FC or FleetVan, then we need it here. All donated FC-Related items are appreciated for the Saturday raffle.
2012 event T-shirts, the embroidered logo, pocket shirts and hats are again coming back and are always available.
Hot dogs, chips, beans on Saturday and anytime refreshments will be free anytime. Also on display that are available will be some new FC products. Your FC-vehicles, in what ever stage of completion they are in: authentic show total restoration, original unrestored, farm, snow plow, tractor, dune buggy, street rod, restored daily driver, repowered, not running, chassis, rusted, wrecked, good, bad or ugly, all FCs, literature, photos, parts of FCs, will be welcome. This is a large gathering of only FC and FleetVan Jeeps, these vehicles are on display, but without judging or awards.

Nearby Hotels are filling fast see the websites

Here are a few last minute details:
We will be driving as a group in FCs to breakfast every morning and also to Dinner some of the nights.
Parking on my property is for FCs / FleetVans only, no exceptions.
Absolutely no smoking near the vehicles, the vehicles on display have vented gas caps.
A smoking area will be provided away from Vehicles.
I love all Children and Dogs, but this event is about FCs, at my house, I will (I have had to) ask people to leave, if you come here with any animal that is not on a leash at your side, Small Children must also be near there parents at all times.
All vehicles on display have owners, please have respect of other peoples property, do not open any doors or sit in anyone’s vehicle, without the owner being present.
It is unfortunate that the fuel prices continue to increase and causing some grief to all of us. I am very grateful to all of you, that are bringing vehicles from far away. I am also grateful to know about all the continued efforts, that some of you have done, that will be bringing new vehicles this year.

Thank You


13 Comments on “FC Roundup March 30-31, April 1 2012 Phoenix, Az

  1. Steve E.

    Your thumb ain’t broke; you can always hitch a ride….

    (O.K., you’re right, the airport is a better idea. And driving Biscuit would be a little arduous.)

    **Steve E.**

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Steve .. Ann and I will be making the trip. We’ll be there for Friday and Saturday, but need to drive back on Sunday. See you there!

    – Dave

  3. Steve E.

    I definitely would like to come home from the FC Roundup with an autographed book. And with my luck, I don’t want to wait to win the one in the raffle. So, should I buy one first, then have you sign it, or should I just wait and get one from you there?

    You will be enlightened with the variety of configurations that all the FC owners will bring. I’m looking forward to seeing you there. Plus the nice AZ weather will warm your chilly NW bones. Bring your sun screen!
    **Steve E.**

  4. deilers

    Steve … I plan to bring some down. However, if you want to look through it before then, I can mail you a signed copy. It’s up to you.

    – Dave

  5. Steve E.

    I would rather wait until the FC Roundup. It would give me something to read in the evenings. Plus, I could get a photograph with you, the book, and me in front of my FC.

    But if something is more convenient for you, send me an E-mail. I’m flexible.

    I can even pay in advance. Drop me a line….

    **Steve E.**

  6. deilers

    Works for me Steve .. and the good news is that I have a great photographer (Ann) with all the equipment we’ll need for great pictures!

  7. Dan H

    Hey Dave, Looking forward to meeting you in person. Wish my FC backhoe was done but I’m bringing my camper special.

  8. Craig B.

    WOOOO HOOOO!!! Looks like another top notch event is in the making! Now if I can only get that “Star Trek” transporter I found on Craigslist working before the end of March………..

  9. Steve E.

    Chas, there’s nothing wrong with starting your own Roundup in Ohio. In fact, it’s encouraged. This is not the first time it has been suggested. You just need to develop your local network. The goal is to get FC owner together to strengthen the enjoyment of owning, restoring, and driving Jeep FC Trucks.

    About ten years ago, a few FC owners who met on the internet said, “We need to meet in person. And a few other people I’m networking with should come the same day while we are talking FC’s.” The next thing you know, it’s an annual event with much information sharing, and making many new friends. There have been almost 400 different people pass through the Arizona meet in only 9 years.

    If at all possible, I suggest that you go to the Roundup in Phoenix, which is coming up soon. You can meet a large variety of people who have the FC bug. The USA is so huge that it would benefit FC owners to start an annual “meet” in every corner of the nation, including your area. So far, there have been Roundups in Southern California and FC Get-Togethers in Washington State. There’s no better way to communicate and get to know who you are talking to when typing into a computer screen than to meet people in person.

    You may meet some other owners in your area who could help plan a new Roundup in your area.

    **Steve E.**
    About me: I’m an FC owner in California, plus I enjoy all other Willys, too.

  10. Desert Jim 1960

    I was hoping I would be able to make it to Pheonix to meet everyone, but I will not be home untill the end of April. There are times I curse my job.I will just have to plan for the next one LOL.

  11. Bob

    Hey Chas, we have a willys Jeep show at my house every sept., around the third sunday. I think this year it will be on Sept. 23rd. I live in Green, Ohio near the akron canton airport. You’re more than welcome to bring your FC. Last year we had 24 Willys Jeeps, trucks, wagons, etc.

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