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Trip Update 2

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Ann and I arrived in Mesa, Arizona, yesterday after a night of camping at Natural Bridges National Monument and a long day of driving through the desert.  After a couple of margaritas and the ‘chuletas con chile rojo’ from Nandos last night, I was done for the day.  So, rather than updates last night, look for some  some updates in a few hours after I catch up on email.  In the mean time, enjoy a few of the pics we took on our way through Utah.

On Tuesday one our first stops of the day was at Goblin Valley State Park.  If you’ve ever seen the movie Galaxy Quest, then you’ve seen some footage of this unique park.

As Ann and I walked around the park, we spotted an opportunity for our own unique photo op.

After spending the night at Natural Bridges National Monument, we spent two hours touring the park.  We didn’t see another car or hiker the entire time.  I joked that I had rented the park for Ann for the entire morning.  At Natural Bridges we hiked down to the oldest of the three bridges, Owachomo, and shot this photo.


Here is an iconic shot at Monument Valley.  I always thought this was in Northern Arizona.  It turns out it is just south of Mexican Hat, Utah, and just north of the Arizona Border.


5 Comments on “Trip Update 2

  1. Gordon west

    Ha! I floated that in 2010. Looks like the water level is high. Beautiful trip in October.

  2. deilers

    That’s what I thought too … except that’s where he stopped running, yes? I thought about getting a shot of me running towards the camera, but I figured without a headband, it would never look the same. lol

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