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About Those Posts ‘Later’ Tonight

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UPDATE: Well, it seems I’ve used up all of ‘tonight’ and am already working on tomorrow, so I will wait til the morning for additional posts.  Ann and I made it to Kanab, Ut, tonight and celebrated with a local dinner.  Now we are spending a romantic evening in bed — she on her iPad and me on my computer — well, it works for us 🙂 … Ann thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

I just couldn’t resist posting this one pic tonight.  I’m not sure why Steve drove all the way from California just to read a book, but I can’t fault his choice in them!

(From Earlier) Nope, no April fools .. more posts later tonight.  We will be hitting no-service areas soon as we leave Flagstaff . . . well that and it’s officially Ann’s birthday today.  I’d better pay attention to her so that she’ll keep accompanying me on these trips!


4 Comments on “About Those Posts ‘Later’ Tonight

  1. Paul

    Ann. Your birthday is a time to put aside the material world and get in touch with your spiritual side. Remember, there is no past…there is no future…THERE IS NO PRESENT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway! Paul and the Goddess.

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Happy Bithday to you, Ann.
    And thanks to both of you for including all of us in your adventureous trip.
    You are both certainly living the American Dream!

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