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1942 MB Richmond, Va **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $9000.

(11/12/2011) It looks nice enough, though not 100% original.

“Built in 1942 by the Willys-Overland Company for the United States Military, this magnificent truly original Willys MB ‘Jeep’ is a piece of living history. By the end of WWII, Willys had made 362,841 ‘Jeeps,’ Ford 281,448, and Bantam 2,675. These ‘Jeeps’ were manufactured at a cost of $738.74 per unit. Willys is generally accepted as the best of the three manufacturers. The standard specifications for the vast majority of these vehicles included a 3-speed manual transmission (floor mounted gearshift with an un-synchronized 1st gear), mated to a front mounted 134.2 cu in (2.2L) 8 valve Straight Four Cylinder engine (which made 54-hp at 4000 rpm, 95 ft.-lbs. torque at 2000 rpm, a 6.48:1 compression ratio, good for 45.4 lb/hp). A 15 gal fuel tank, six-volt electrical system, and pintle tow-hook were also standard fare. This vehicle is in amazing true and authentic condition. Its canvas top and canvas seats are in great shape, as are its two canvas doors, military styled tires (another has been ordered by the owner for the front spare), the flat Army Green military paint and white markings. It even comes with two helmets, authentic period goggles, a reprinted army owners manual, a book including documented history, photos, a good amount of its service history, and even a 1:18 scale die-cast model. This Jeep is a must see for anyone who is a Jeep collector, a fan of military vehicles, or just anyone who would like to own a living piece of American, World, and Vehicle History. This Jeep is all of that and more. You can’t look at it and not be captivated by it.”


One comment on “1942 MB Richmond, Va **SOLD**

  1. Merlin Hanson

    Unless I am missing something this looks like a good price, panels look smoothe, vehicle looks complete. Looks like a later roof and an odd paint colour, but otherwise nice.

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