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A US Postal Willys Wagon image from the Smithsonian


I didn’t know they made Willys postal right hand drive wagons!  The Smithsonian’s Postal Museum Exhibit has some great images of early original vehicles used to deliver mail.

From the website, “In August 1953, the first postal jeeps rolled off the Willys Motors assembly line. The model, the first U.S. car in three decades to have right-hand drive, was soon being tested on postal routes around the country.

Carriers used these right-hand drive vehicles to save delivery time on their routes. They were able to more easily reach the mailbox without having to park and go around their cars, or reach over the passenger’s seat to deliver the mail.”


4 Comments on “A US Postal Willys Wagon image from the Smithsonian

  1. mark

    I noticed when I rebuilt the suspension on the 49 that the frame mount holes for the ross steering box and pitman arm are mirrored on the right side. I guess it was common for exporting to British law areas back in the day. With the dash guages in the center and both glove box doors identical it would be an easy switch.

  2. deilers

    Very interesting .. I didn’t know that Mark. I haven’t worked on any wagons … so far 🙂

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