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Bantam BRC-60

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Here’s a cool picture from the San Diego Air and Space Museum that was posted on Flickr.


5 Comments on “Bantam BRC-60

  1. Bob OB

    I believe the aircraft is a Ryan Dragonfly, YO51. Ryan Aircraft built aircraft in San Diego CA,and built Col. Lindberg’s “Spirit of St. Louis”.

  2. Paul

    An earlier Ryan aircraft was used to haul Leo, the MGM lion, on a long distance publicity flight from California to New York. The plane crashed in Arizona, both the pilot and Leo were ok but the plane was wrecked. It’s an interesting story which has absolutely nothing to do with Jeeps.

  3. Buz

    Sidetracked but very interesting story. I wonder how hungry that Lion was after being there for a week. It says they visited the crash site back in 1961, wonder if anything is still left there today.

  4. Paul

    The remains of the crashed MGM Ryan were salvaged by Scott Gifford some years back and he’s been tracking down blueprints, parts and information to aid him in the restoration of this unusual aircraft. Last I heard Scott was planning a move to Oregon (from Arizona) but I’ve lost touch with him and I need to find him again.

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