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Gordon’s Backseat Idea

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Gordon built this foldup/folddown back seat in his CJ.  If someone is interested he will provide plans for $20.


2 Comments on “Gordon’s Backseat Idea

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Looks like his 2 jack russel terriers are impatiently waiting their jeep ride!
    Are there any dogs that don’t like jeeps??

  2. gordon west

    Those two love the Jeep (it’s a ’54 CJ3B)! That’s what got me started on this back seat idea, to give the dogs a place to ride that wasn’t on my wife’s lap. The backsides, which make the platform in the down position, have a velcro-like fabric for terrier traction. I welded on a loop to the bottom of the roll bar to attach their leashes, giving them just enough length to stick their heads out the side but not enough to fall out.

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