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Press Photo of Tuxedo Park CJ-5 eBay

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I thought this was an odd photo due to the passenger seeming to pretend to be holding a steering wheel.   This photo is being auctioned on eBay.

View the eBay Auction here


3 Comments on “Press Photo of Tuxedo Park CJ-5 eBay

  1. Steve

    Would it be possible that the picture was modified for advertisement. erase the real steering wheel and paint one in?

  2. Bill

    yeah, probably to be modified for RHD market. This pic was for accessory equipment (tops, plows, etc) I believe.

  3. Leo

    Looks like a Meyer cab with sliding doors, prototype for mail delivery in rural areas maybe ? would explain the RHD. remember photoshop didn’t exist then, would require some serious brushwork to switch the driver AND the steeringwheel to the right so this seems like a quick fix. Other thing that points to Meyer is the plow attachment and the extra headlights up on the cowl. Meyer possibly had some Jeeps around for test and R&D purposes as Jeeps were an important market for Meyer, remember Meyer accessories were sold through the Jeep dealership network

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