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1948 Jeepster Brunswick, Oh eBay

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This looks like a great summer cruiser.

“2 Door Convertible Roadster Phaeton Jeepster.
This is an “ALL STEEL” vehicle. No fiberglass or body filler. It is also a “Rust Free” vehicle with no body or floor panel repairs/replacements. The custom body work and paint job was professionally done in California before the current owner purchased the vehicle. Most likely around 8-10 years ago. The paint is holding up very well. There are no problems with chipping, cracking, fading, checking, fish eyes or orange peel. True show quality paint job. This all steel two door/convertible body is fairly stock. There are a few unique modifications that were done to the original body. The stock flat front ’48 hood and grille were replaced with more desirable, better looking ’50 setup. The hood then had “Louvers” cut into it. A custom front splash shield was also fabricated. The front turn signals lights where relocated into the grille area to help keep the front end clean looking. The rear portion of the vehicle received custom tail lights that were set and fitted into the body. The rear wheel fender skirts were welded in place. (Again, all steel body work.) It has smooth body lines with the front and rear bumpers removed. The two-tone color scheme was influenced by the gorgeous 1950’s Ford vehicles which use these colors. The ’57 peach color is called “Sunset Coral”. With a color as nice as this, A nickname was given to the vehicle. “Just Peachy” which is hand painted on the rear. The side metallic candy stripes are also outlined with a hand painted pin stripe which really makes the whole vehicle stand out. (much more about this on eBay)

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